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Having a business idea is the initial step to success. You need a superb and an implementable idea to become a successful entrepreneur. However, as a Singaporean, you might have such a plan but lack the capital to implement it. Is this the situation you are currently in? Well, with the rising rate of virtualization, it is possible to sell online with or without adequate revenue.
several free e-commerce website builders have come to service. These website builders are enabling you to set up an online store and start selling without paying any dime. Hence, regardless of your current financial status, you can establish yourself online. Having said this, here are the top 4 free e-commerce website builders in Singapore:


Jimdo is a reliable home of more than 20 million users and 200K online stores. By this, you can confirm that it is authentic. It is a right place for webpreneurs stepping in on the virtual business. The platform is easy to use meaning no specific qualifications required to build your online store. With basic computer skills, you can start a wooing virtual shop without any challenges. Also, Jimdo prioritizes the security of your transaction. The platform comes with SSL which ensures your monetary transactions are secure. This way, you can confirm to your customers that their data are in safe hands and they will not become cybercrime victims.
However, if you are selling more than five products and uploading large files, Jimdo is a bad idea. This free e-commerce website builder offers storage of 500MB. Also, it allows you to list five products only. If you are planning to provide services as your product, this is not your option. Despite these shortcomings, Jimdo has affordable plans as you just need $7.50 per month for their premium package. This amount is better than other paid plans charges.

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Did you read it as Mozilla or you think it is one of its brands? Indeed, the two words look alike, but they represent different brands. One is a browser while the other is a free e-commerce website builder. Having clarified this confusion, Mozello is an excellent platform for establishing a free ecommerce software for your website so you can actually sell to the international audience.. The platform provides you with a multilingual functionality. As you know, the best way to interact with customers is presenting your message in their language. Hence, you have a higher hand in your customer interaction when you build your online store on Mozello.

Also, the platform offers a disc space of 500MB. This storage space is adequate for a small enterprise. Nevertheless, Mozello has its downfalls. First, it does not provide SSL. It is your responsibility to add this feature which can be a challenge. Secondly, its editor is a bit hard for newbies. Also, you can only transact with Stripe. No credit card or PayPal payments processing. Hence, this can be a challenge for many webpreneurs. Regardless of all these, it is an excellent place to start your online store for free.
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Are you planning to offer more than ten products on your free online store? If so, Freewebstore is a good option. This free e-commerce website builder enables you to list at least 20 products. The platform is a home for more than 500K users. By this, you have confidence that you are on a reliable platform. The good things about Freewebstore are it is mobile friendly and highly responsive.
With this, you are confident that you will not miss a sale from any PC or mobile device. Also, you do not pay any transaction fee. The only shortfall for this platform is the complexity of the backend which requires web development knowledge.

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